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Jan 9, 2013

Doublelift's Impression of the Current Meta

World famous AD carry of CLG Prime "Doublelift" is one of the most opinionated players in league of legends. Playing with Chauster has probably amplified his self-confidence in his own observations even further, and with good reason too! As part of one of the strongest teams in North America at the moment, it's certainly worth checking out his thoughts of the meta, even if it's from a highly biased AD carry's point of view.

A few hours ago he took a moment to reflect on the state of the game in Preseason 3, and here's what he had to say:

Taking a break from reading my Korean textbook to write my thoughts on the current state of the game and the current patch. I'll probably do a vlog on this later

Top lane has become a stupid cesspool of massing potions and farming for lategame. They need to make HP pots uniquely stack to 5 so you can't start the game off with 9 pots and 2 wards.

Jungle seems incredibly weak and the changes Riot was talking about where Jungle can now carry is completely wrong. Junglers have resigned themselves to pure utility once again, and can't put as much pressure on the map due to Oracle nerfs. I liked when Junglers could actually gank (all 3 lanes start with wards now rofl)

APs need more lategame items to counteract the early snowballers that pressure them in lane. Riot randomly nerfed Deathcap and Athene's, and never compensated by buffing any other items other than DFG, which is not usable on most lategame APs.

Support is in a good position right now, I really like what they changed to make the role more dynamic and less reliant on GP10.

ADs have gotten destroyed. It was necessary but now it's gone over the top. Berserker's, Doran's, Triforce, Bloodthirster, Infinity Edge, PD, LW, Banshee's, QSS, and GA are all nerfed. When you nerf literally every single item that ADs use, you can't also simultaneously buff the champions that ADs can never kill.

-Warmogs is stupidly cheap and allows any bruiser to become an unkillable brick. ADs can do nothing to someone who rushed a 2650g Warmog's while you have a BF Sword + Vamp Scepter
-Warden's Mail is a guaranteed 20% attack speed reduction for 1100g (much too cost-effective), and Randuin's item pathing is too easy + effective.

Essentially, I feel like ADs are much too easy to shut down in the current state of the game. ADs were admittedly overpowered before these changes and now they have 2 options.

You're going to see a lot more hypercarries like Kog, Trist, Cait, Twitch who do absolutely nothing but stall the game until they get 6 items. You're also going to see MF every game because she takes absolutely no skill and low item requirements to press R and destroy a teamfight.

Hopefully Riot fixes the boring and frustrating trend of farm-for-6-items with Nunu or pick MF and wombo combo.

P.S: Holy shit please nerf Nunu already Source
As you can tell, he complains a lot. On the other hand, he makes some good points.

  • Warmogs is relatively cheap right now compared to stacking armor or magic resist;
  • Warden's Mail is a great item, and should be rushed on most tanks;
  • Supports are in a great spot right now, and only getting better;
  • The Flask + Pots + Ward start is VERY strong right now;
  • Jungle is weak at the moment (but getting slowly buffed on the PBE)
  • AD carries can't carry a game 1v5 as hard as they used to.
What do you think about his thoughts? Agree/Disagree? Comment below!

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  1. im not gonna lie...ive been feeling almost exactly the same way. top lane is far and away the carry lane right now it seems. its way way too easy to be able to tank really well really fast, while it takes ad carrys a very long time to really get going. in nearly every game ive been playing...the team whos top wins their lane is usually the team that wins. its not necessarily a bad thing...just a frustrating thing

  2. What he says is generally true, but seems a bit exaggerated.

  3. SSJSuntasticJanuary 09, 2013

    Hi Ryuda, I agree! It's never bad as emolift says =x He makes some good points though!

  4. SSJSuntasticJanuary 09, 2013

    Hey Mithos, that's a good point, it's never fun when one lane decides the course of the entire game. However, it's nice to shift around the "star" roles once in a while to keep things fresh!

  5. Jungle in my eyes if fine, i jungled teemo twice a few days ago and carried 2/2 games having 20+ kills, stonewall jungled leona last night and wrecked so hard in diamond elo. just have to get use to new items etc. Mid is like top you poke and than just heal it back league tried to be like dota with the flask but lacking the part were in dota once you get hit the potions effects stop. So in league now we have an unfair infinte source of high hp5 mp5. Adc imo is fine as he stated supports have had great things their way, and their for adc always have a decked out support by their side nowadays unlike the old supports only having like two items plus all money going into wards. I feel riot messed up changing to many items to suit assains but forgetting all the tanks and what not who can build the sam as them anyway. Should have just buffed assains or better yet make a masterytree part for them

  6. SSJSuntasticJanuary 10, 2013

    Thank you for the insightful comment Brent! Jungle Teemo eh? Sounds like fun! I think Doublelift is just having trouble coming to grips with the fact that AD carries are no longer the end-all end-game carry that he's used to being.

  7. I think the problem with adc atm lies more with people favoring assassins, I've been seeing a lot of ad assassins mid, assassins top. This makes it harder for adc to position right for team fights as they get jumped on from anywhere.

  8. SSJSuntasticJanuary 11, 2013

    This is very true Phoibos, the tendency to favor assassins definitely puts a damper on the playstyle of most squishies. Ezreal still does well considering many build Iceborn Gauntlet though!

  9. Iceborn Gauntlets may help but seeing that everybody still build black cleavers the armor wont help you a lot against a kha zix that burst down your hp in no time. I've run multiple winning bot lanes only to get shut down by a kha zix that tower dived on me with full health and him getting away with half hp and a kill.

  10. SSJSuntasticJanuary 12, 2013

    That's a good point, the reset he gets after killing you definitely helps his getaway :P

  11. well tbh when your team sucks you just get iceborn gauntlet with ez and literally 1v5 the enemy team.. So Ezreal is the best right now? I've seen it a lot, I did it yesterday and Regi/Chaox do it often when they get their hands on ez.


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