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Dec 9, 2012

Xpecial Gives an In-Depth Report on S3 Supports

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Interested in learning more about supports in Season 3? Well TSM's very own Xpecial has put up this great guide on some S3 supports! It's a little long, so I've summarized some main points underneath the video.

Masteries: 0/9/21, 0/13/17, or 0/14/16 are all very viable summoners
  • Likes pickpocket, explorer ward, and biscuiteer
Runes: If you're going to be harassing, Magic Pen and flat attack damage are the way to go.
Summoner Skills: Heal on the support and exhaust on the ADC is his preference.

- Sightstone: Thinks it's super OP and everyone should be getting it;
- Oracle: Kinda overpriced with the time limit on it and sightstone being so cheap, so pink wards seem to be the way to go at the moment;
- Flask: Strong, but don't get it with Philosopher's Stone or it's too much regen;
- Crucible: Strong, but need to remember to use it;
- Twin Shadows: Very good, especially on Nami;
- Boots: Feel free to rush Sightstone before boots;
- Runic Bulwark: (Aegis upgrade) - It's good, but very expensive;
- Locket: Very strong right now;
- Zeke's Herald: Nerfed, but still very strong;
- Shurelia's Reverie: Still good, but not as great since supports don't all get Philosopher's Stone anymore.

All in all, it seems like as long as you pick up a sightstone on your supports and build support items you can't go wrong!

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