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Dec 26, 2012

Unusual Supports Made Viable by S3 Item Changes! (Ryze?!)

Updated Nidalee Classic Skin

The introduction of Sightstone and the Crystalline Flask made "Regular" supports like Taric and Blitzcrank stronger than ever before. Instead of spending money on pots and wards all the time, they can focus in on larger (and sexier) items like Aegis.
But what about some more obscure supports?

Ryze works surprisingly well with champions that deal magic damage, such as Corki and Tristana. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see him on the professional turf sometime in the near future. Remember, you heard it here first folks!
  • His snare makes enemy champions an easy target for your offensive spells, and as an instant, makes it much more difficult to fly away from (compared to Taric's stun)
  • Maxing his spell flux has amazing synergy with heroes that stack magic pen items such as the popular Sorc boots + Haunting Guise start into a later Abyssal Scepter build.
    • For Reference: Magic Resist Reduction: 12 / 15 / 18 / 21 / 24
  • Although most people will complain and likely dodge if you select Ryze as a support, I honestly think that he's extremely powerful in the position, and would definitely stay in a game with a Ryze support, just to see how it plays out.
      Jarvan IV
      I still say Jarvan's ALWAYS been a viable support and will always be under-appreciated for the the abilities he brings to the table. His skillset is similar to Leona, so more people will probably be willing to let you try it out.
      • His late game CC is monstrous, especially if you manage to keep track of your flag and hit two AOE knockups in the same fight.
      • At Level 1 he brings +10 flat armor and the ability to check bushes/provide sight to the team, which is absolutely amazing for a level 1 start (even without the fact that it deals AOE damage.)
      • His W makes him innately very tanky, and he can easily perform the role of a peeler or initiator without any issues.
      With the newfound ability to purchase AP-based items rather than continuously sinking money into wards, Nidalee has found new life as a support. Surprisingly, more people are quietly accepting Nidalee as a support and more often than not, nobody will complain!
      • Support Nidalee can build up her AP so that she can poke the enemy team down without relying on an Aegis at all. If your team has strong initiation, every spear you throw also tends to cluster the enemy team to one side or another of the lane, leaving them easy clumps for any AOE CCs you might have.
      • Her heal also provides a powerful attack speed steroid, and with the ASPD nerfs on items this makes her very powerful, much like Nunu.
      • Her percentage based armor + mr reduction on her W works EXTREMELY well with the current strategy of stacking penetration items on heroes, and the duration on them also allows you to pinpoint chokepoints where the enemy jungler generally walks through, giving your team sight of his path and reducing his armor along the way. This makes it more difficult for him to gank both on a positioning and health perspective.
      He's always been a more item reliant type of support, and the S3 changes benefit him in largely the same ways as Nidalee. You'll still hear a lot of complaining when you pick GP support, but...
      • Instead of building Aegis, he can build black cleaver along-side the AD carry, resulting in some very fast stacks of arpen for the entire team. Naturally, building Aegis also works by making him tankier in a more traditional support role.
      • With the boots nerf and removal of FoN, Gangplank's Raise Morale received an indirect buff.
      • Flask allows him to spam his Qs more often, and reduces his reliance on leveling Remove Scurvy for HP regeneration.
      The new Tear of Goddess along with Flask and Sightstone may also usher in the return of Zilean! A lot of people have also been complaining that the new jungle changes seem to make them under leveled compared to before, and Zilean can definitely aid in your troubles. Not only that, but:
      • His movespeed buffs are made indirectly stronger with the boots nerf and removal of FoN.
      • The new items make it easier for him to pick up items like Tear without repercussions, and additional support items such as Twin Shadows synergize very well with his kit. (Even adding in a gold generating component)
      Chinese Zombie Ryze Skin
      Support or I feed...on your brains.

      Got any more ideas for uncommon support champions? Post below!

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      1. I remember getting frelo as Jarman support, granted he was release Jarvan (who could kill you with no items)

      2. SSJSuntasticDecember 26, 2012

        Haha yeah, release Jarvan was very very strong.

      3. Poking down enemy ad carry with 2 spears.. mmmmm...

      4. SSJSuntasticDecember 26, 2012

        2? Need to farm more...

      5. Support Nid was pretty strong before the new patch too, just no good AP supp items. Still got some complains tho

      6. SSJSuntasticDecember 26, 2012

        Hi Caitlin! I still get a few complaints now, but far fewer than before. Last season I think I got a 100% complaint rate with support Nidalee...

      7. I still can't understand why, she has poke and heal and vision and poke

      8. Some hint: GP's Q is a range spell, but with Pickpocket, you will get the 5G melee bonus.

      9. SSJSuntasticDecember 27, 2012

        Hi Tomelyr and welcome to the site! Thanks for the tip, I actually didn't know that since I generally don't pick up the mastery point on my supports, great to know though!

      10. Support Udyr. Tried it a few times...enemy team had no clue as to what to do to counter it, got my gp10s and just became the tank the team needed for the win.

      11. SSJSuntasticDecember 27, 2012

        Haha that sounds pretty interesting, I feel like Udyr gets kited easily though, who did they have as their AD/support combo?

      12. what about fiddlesticks? hes haaard

      13. SSJSuntasticDecember 27, 2012

        Hi lordgenoma, I think Fiddle works pretty well with Corki, but he kinda stinks with everyone else haha.

      14. dollarsignApril 16, 2013

        support udyr ^ very little item dependant and gets tanky with the regular support items pare him with some1 who can carry hard late like ashe vayne or trist, is very strong


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