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Dec 22, 2012

TP Jungle Shaco New Meta?

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Wait...did he just say TP Shaco? Well yes I did. Is that even possible? Why yes it is! Not only is it possible, but it's being utilized by high elo players too as you can see by this game below played at about 2000 elo.

As you can tell by the look of defeat on Sir Oddone's face as well as his screen, his team got...Shaco'ed.

Here's a choice quote:
Teleport shaco is so annoying...we need to make sure we ward his jungle, he can instantly gank with double buff anywhere he wants.
How viable is it?
Classically, Shacos take either Exhaust or Flash to gank, leaning more towards the first one. With his Deceive and his Hallucinate, he certainly doesn't *need* an escape mechanism. Why not TP?

Of course in teamfights it makes him a little weaker, but Shaco's generally not a team-fighter in the first place. Late game his role is generally to split push and bait favorable teamfights. Early game, it's to gank from unpredictable locations like only a Shaco can.

I think Teleport is certainly a very viable summoner on Shaco, but it requires an analytic mind to use correctly; just like Shen shouldn't TP into every single chance he gets, with a cooldown on a summoner as long as Teleport's, you'll certainly want to choose wisely.

What do you guys think? Is teleport on Shaco (or any other jungler) viable?

"I'm not dealing with this Shaco anymore..."

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