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Dec 27, 2012

Sion Due for Visual Upgrade According to RiotIronStylus

One of the simplest heroes in the League, Sion was created early on, with AP Sion sporting literally two moves.

However, in this world of fast-flying blinking assassins, he's looking a little out of place according to RiotIronStylus, and needs new visuals. Badly.

Scion is an interesting case. Absolutely, the dude needs a visual update BADLY. Grumpy Monkey has some ideas here, some very good ideas. I agree that he fits into that weird area that some older champions fall into, where the visual theme doesn't really match the look. Scion wields a giant axe, one which, by today's standards, you'd expect to be chopped in half with. But, as has been mentioned, he's more of a Mage. Same thing goes for Mordakieser, big mace dude you'd expect to be bonked on the head by, instead he casts a lot of spell and.. nabs your ghost?

Meanwhile, these days, we want to create a fantasy that people can easily buy into. Darius is a proper axe dude, he wants to chop you with said axe, and as him you want to chop people down with said axe. Diana almost fell into the aforementioned problem with Scion and Mord. She's an AP champion with a melee weapon. That can be tough. But we needed to figure out what you would want to do with Diana. Big weapon, you probably want to slash people with said weapon. How do you do so? Give her moon magic, which needed to be part of her theme, which helps her with gap closes rather than poke. Fulfills that fantasy of self-immolation. Dive in, slash, burst, don't expect to survive. Expect to be the heretic martyr.

Darius and Diana I think fall into these new successful attempts to satisfy the fantasy in art, theme and mechanics. We have to take a close and careful look at older champions and find out how to address this. We can do a great looking visual design rework on Scion, but do we want to play with his kit or theme to make him more cohesive? That remains to be seen, but my personal opinion is to try as best we can to match the theme to the mechanics and visuals while trying to maintain what people love about the character. It's tricky, but I think we can do it. We shall see! source

However, IronStylus also reminds us that even though the mechanics he has doesn't match his look, it doesn't mean he'll get a mechanical upgrade, most likely just a visual one:

Not sure. The only thing I've heard is that his mechanics theme doesn't quite match his look. I don't know whether that will be acted upon though. source

Chinese Warmonger Sion
Do I not look COOL enough for you?!

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  1. I just like the voice over.

  2. SSJSuntasticDecember 27, 2012

    It is indeed a very cool voice over.

  3. on the topic of visual remakes, you should start a this champion most resembles 'this' thread. Inevitably this will become NSFW I'm sure, but could be mildly entertaining... I could start it...
    Cho'Gath = The Violator (Spawn)

  4. SSJSuntasticDecember 27, 2012

    Oh boy :P Not sure if I went to open that door! I also don't know enough references to make a page like that. Thanks for the suggestion though!


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