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Dec 13, 2012

Aphromoo Strong Contender for CLG's Support Position

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Edit: As of 12/28/2012, Aphromoo has officially joined the CLG flag!

After the initial leave of Locodoco from CLG, their publicity stunt holding open tryouts seems to be giving way to something even more interesting...long time AD carry Aphromoo (currently on Fear) has always been extremely good at playing support and now it seems it's time for him to shine as he's been duo queuing with Doublelift for a few days now.

While it's not certain that Aphromoo will get the spot as CLG's new support, it seems extremely likely as long as he wants it, considering his easy-going yet hard-working personality.

If he IS accepted as Doublelift's new support, expect to see some amazing things coming out of CLG.NA in the near future!

Here's a sample video of them playing together:

As you can see from their lane presence, they not only work well together, but from the smile on Doublelift's face you can tell they're having fun doing it too.

EDIT: Here's a video of them running Alistar Blitzcrank:

What do you guys think? Would Aphromoo be a good addition to the CLG roster? Will he get the position if he wants it? Post below!

I'm so happeeeeee! I luv Aphromoo!

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