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Nov 15, 2012

Yegg Explains Season 3 Rankings and Loading Borders


Season 3 Rankings and Rewards
Yegg explains that Season 3 will have some sort of new formula that will make us all play more ranked...he also reminds us that the ELO breakdown will be different (we all know the requirements will be lower...)
Season 3 will work differently in many ways. It won't exactly use highest rating, but once the season starts there will be something similar that ensures that playing more can only help you earn better rewards. 
Edit: Note that the medals that show on your profile right now (if you've finished your placement matches) are not necessarily indicative of rewards that you've qualified for in Season 3. The preseason is still showing the Season 2 requirements. There are big changes coming and you'll have to wait until Season 3 actually starts to see what tier you're in with the new ruleset. That said, attaining a higher Elo during the preseason will of course count towards your standings in Season 3.
Loading Borders
Personally I'm a little disappointed I don't get to pretend I'm Platinum with a platinum loading border from my ranked 3s games, but hey...that just means I need to work harder in Season 3!

Here's Yegg's take on the borders:

Let me first say that the current implementation of the loading screen borders is an experiment, and I'm willing to change how they work if and when I'm convinced that it would be better for the health of the game. What does "health of the game" mean in this case? A couple things:

1. You guys want to show off your accomplishments with your best foot forward. I hear that and it definitely weighs into the decision. Some of you also feel like we didn't give you enough warning on how the borders would work, which is a fair point. We should have locked down how they would work earlier and let you know in the original announcement.

2. I want there to be less toxicity in the game. There are reports of players using the borders as an excuse to belittle other players. The question here is: would those players have been toxic anyway and it's just taking a slightly different form? Or is it creating toxicity where there wouldn't have been any? I'll be looking over the data in the coming days to start to make that distinction.

Some people are saying that this is an example of Riot shunning competitive 5s or indicating that Ranked Teams aren't as important as the Ranked Solo queue. That's simply not the case. I'm one of the biggest advocates for Ranked Teams in the entire company. Since I've been at Riot we've seen huge increases in the popularity of Ranked Teams, and we're only just getting started. The Season 3 Path to Pro that the eSports team put together is a great example of this. Did you know that you can eventually qualify for the Season 3 Championship Series just by making it to the top 32 of the Ranked 5s ladder during the preseason? I don't think a lot of people realize yet just how big of a deal that is. This means you play League of Legends professionally, receive a salary, play in a season with weekly scheduled matches, and compete for millions of dollars.

However, as much as I like Ranked Teams, it's a fact that doing well in those queues is as much about who you know as it is about your own individual skill. And generally I'm totally okay with that. I'm fine with people showing off their Platinum and Diamond badges on the forums even if they might not have been able to achieve that in solo queue (yes, even Morello). But when it comes to the loading screen, I'm much more concerned about the accuracy of what's being portrayed, because it's natural to read a lot into it in terms of raw player skill. Is it really better for everyone if we have Diamond borders showing up next to Silver borders in normal games? I think it would be confusing ("Why am I matched with these Diamond players if I'm Silver?" or "I don't play ranked, does this mean I'm a Silver player or a Diamond player?") and I think it could cause even more elitism than we're already seeing.

Going back to the point about the borders being an experiment. Originally, they were only going to be shown in Ranked games. You all asked for them to be shown in normals as well and after much deliberation I changed it to the current incarnation. Clearly not everyone is happy with that, so I'll keep gathering data and reading what you guys have to say, and make further changes if and when they're warranted.

My borders are deadly...

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  1. People are toxic anyway. Last season I was dragged down in my placement matches and only recently I've been able to carry those so last season 1900 elo players were toxic regardless. No badge just honesty of a 1309 elo and they belittle you.

  2. You don't to realize how toxicity arizes, you just assume that it is in the players nature to just be toxic.

    I become toxic when people just seriously get on my nerves with bullshit. This patch frustrated me so much i even got myself banned from forums for ever. WHy?

    Simple, the formula was inaccurately revealed to all players in the world, resulting in thousands of players being placed improperly. The MMR formula is really retarded, winning grants you 18-22 points, losing reduce 24-28 points. I play 3 matches get to 66, i get trolled by people who dnt listen when i say ward, play safe, watch map, watch ping. 8 people in 2 matches didn't listen at all resulting in enemy feeding and loss of game. 2 matches were -54 points. Try to figure out how frustrating that is.

    Another thing is the placement was not what many players expected in expected to be silver 7 according to what information was disclosed. Instead when it starts i find myself in bronze 3 the mid elo hell tier. Having 8 retards in 2 games is enough proof of that.

    Still today i buffed up and went back up with a 6 in a row streak +1 into placement, i dnt get trolled and get a nice game win 1 more i move division. An you know whats disturbing all matches were 18 points average. Not above 20.

    So about toxicity, go consult a psych to get your facts together. The human brain and mind is not something as a monk box whenever you see it fit. People have a break Point.

    In season 2 i got trolled 300 elo. In pre season 3 i got trolled 200 elo and those not counting well played losses. Getting fucked by retards that much will make people become toxic regardless of their nature. And worse about that is that being trolled makes it 300% harder to go back up because you are in the center of elo hell with a meager 3% chance to go back up the ladder.

    Normal modes no1 cares play how you want troll all you want. But ranked? no fu i play ranked seriously with nothing in mind except winning and playing clean for my team. I dnt feed, i dnt overextend without wards, i prio farm, i prio assigned targets, when some1 dedicates themselves and then fucked over they are bound to get toxic whatever you say and do, even if you put a gun to their heads and say dnt ever be toxic they will be at any given time.

  3. Arshad, you're known as a tilt player. I've honestly lose a lot of elo due to "trolls" and players who just reached there current limits of the game. All because a player does not perform well does not mean that they are trolling you, the harsh fact of reality in which YOU yourself have to face is that some people will reach their limits and by pestering them and insulting them you're of no hep to them or the community. you deserve to lose any game you slur any person regardless of skill or talent. Learn some respect and how to act sportsmanlike before you crawl your way back up, else you will not be welcomed by no player.

  4. Well obviously you didnt read my post properly. When people do not listen to someone who is trying to improve their game and take it to another level for their benefit i call it trolling, simply because they are not giving a shit about you and you good will.

    I always open my games with these words "ward, play safe, watch map, watch ping" Since yesterday i lost 2 because in each game the 4 people never even took my heeding into account they just did as they pleased and messed up the game horribly, so 8 people not listening at all is called trolling and should not ranked because they cannot cooperate as a team.

    Today i lost 1 same because 2 people didnt listen to me at all. I did not flame i kept asking plz focus, and play safe and smart. You know what happened? they kept doing it again and again. Result = loss.

    I played 6 matches after that, i got all the people in the games to cooperate and follow these simple instructions, result = 6 straight wins and all of them were more than happy to heed my words and thats called ranked play and teamwork and great communication. When people get on the same level of understanding of someone who tries to up your game a notch it all works out. If i lose a game where every1 did well, i have the balls to say i lost but it was an awesome game. Not a shit where 2+ people are just there to fuck up "excuse the rudeness but it is what it is".

    And you my friend i guess you know only "lol". I have been playing DoTA since the first map 1.1 came out about 10 years ago, my skill level is gone lower by averaging 70% because i have a life and when you grow up things are bound to change and also the fact that during my time there wasnt any esports competitive stuff for MOBA. it was all starcraft, cs, warcraft 3 etc.

    So please do not tell me about facts and reality. Its all in the brain, and the brain has no limits. People who want to improve, they do the effort and when they do i tell them well done, you did well. But ima tell you this again, when 4 people in a game of 5 players dnt give a shit about some1 giving them advice to improve their games and make it into awesome win or loss i call it trolling pure and simple. You have 1 definition for trolling, unfortunately i harbor more definitions for it.

    I am not a person of much patience, i do what i can for my team when i get in, when people keep messing it throughout the whole game, there is a huge problem which is "they don't give a shit about their teammates". Try to comprehend that before trying to make me into a buffoon which you cannot.

  5. SSJSuntasticFebruary 02, 2013

    I had another post typed up, but something went wrong and it poofed...

    Anyway, it's true that there are two types of toxic players, one group that starts toxic and enjoys being so, and one group that become toxic as a result of the aforementioned group.

    I believe the reason this second group develops is as you said Arshad, some players care more about winning and losing than other players, which is impossible to overcome. It's a game, and meant to be played for fun, and yes, it is also developing into a serious e-sport a the same time. This does create somewhat of a divide in the player-base.

    Just remember, the ranked system is still in its early stages, and people aren't placed quite into their proper divisions yet. Those who are more intensely focused on winning will rise higher than those who aren't, and hopefully some day you'll be able to play amongs players of similar skill and effort.

    We all have bad days on League where we walk away more annoyed than when we signed on, but that's simply how the game, and life works. I hope you have better days in the future,and if you want to avoid the pains of solo queue I suggest you find some friends and play some 5 man (or even 10 man) arranged games.

    Best of luck!


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