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Nov 23, 2012

Got the Tryhard Chills?

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If you're like me and some of my friends, you might experience the following scenario:

[9:00 AM] Woke up.
[9:05 AM] Logged on League and jumped in ranked queue
[9:06 AM] Hands got cold and started shaking when queue popped

What just happened? You just got the


How exactly do this happen? Well in a nutshell...anxiety! When a person gets anxious, they tend to produce adrenaline, which results in increased heart action, causing blood to flow away from your extremities (hands and feet) and into your heart. (No this isn't dangerous)

So how do you fix it? A nice old sweater is how I do it. Other people like to do some preliminary stretches, or maybe warm up with a normal blind pick game.

Meanwhile, just know that if you suffer from similar symptoms, you're not alone! Welcome to 

Meanwhile, for those of you lucker dogs who don't have such problems, have a little sympathy for that guy on your team at 1700 elo who still can't seem to last hit for some's probably because he's freezing cold and can't control his mouse.

No information above should be misconstrued as medical information. If you experience excessive shivering and/or anxiety issues, consult your nearest physician. Not me. :)

A little cold never hurt anyone...

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