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Nov 21, 2012

Morello Seeking to Add In-Game Timers to Objectives

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Tired of counting by 5s, 6s, and 7s every time a buff is taken on your team or the enemy team? Well Lead Content Designer Morello might have something to say about that!

He's thinking about adding display timers for buffs that you have vision of when they're taken to countdown for you! Official post below:

Originally Posted by Reed Wise 
If your team can see when Blue/Red/Dragon/Baron die, they should have the buff timer given to them by the game. It isn't skillful to add 5/6/7 minutes onto when something died and post it in teamchat. It's just tedious, like denying was in DotA.

Wards are a separate matter that obviously shouldn't be announced, and the game basically already does this if you clear a place on your minimap by giving your team vision of it(if they clear blue, and you go there, you see on the minimap when it respawns.)

Just saying, the game would be a lot more fun for me if it gave you like, a 30 second warning on timers your team has earned. It is not skillful to add 5/6/7 to a random number.

tl;dr: if your team earns a timer by having vision of any objective when it dies, it should be announced. Inhibitors, buffs, etc - anything your team has the right to know about through map presence should be announced by the client, not players who are willing to do the tedious work.

In my opinion, anyway.
Morello: I agree with this, because "counting and accounting" aren't really good skill differentiators on objectives. This is something I'd like to add, but again, only if you have vision when the objective is taken (and it already pops the icon back on the map if you ever wiped the icon by scouting it).

Inb4 strawmen about skill of counting 

Thou shalt not take my blue!

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