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Nov 6, 2012

Guardian Angel Nerf in S3

In a recent twitter post by Morello, he explicitly stated that Guardian Angel will be heavily nerfed in Season 3 to reduce its base stats.

What do you guys think about this? Sure GA does offer a good mix of stats all around, but it is it really worth nerfing the stats instead of perhaps increasing the CD of the effect or decreasing the amount of health/mana you come back to life with?

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  1. Comebacks will be a bit easier now...

    Graves/tristana/mf with Ga, a really pain in the ass ._.

  2. I quite enjoy the nerf. Now carries have to think if they want to have a "get out of jail"-card and waste an item spot or build more damage.
    Its very annoying to see 6-7 GAs every game in a big tournament game

  3. This will further increase the gap between the major 3 (corki , ez , graves) and the other carries. If you get dived as ad carry and you have no skills to reposition urself (kog, mf) the enemy team will take you down very easy. I think this is a bad thing for the current meta dominated by bruisers with gap closers.

  4. If you increased the CD, all youd see is a decrease in the amount of engages in tournament play. I dont think this is what riot want. Increasing the gold cost could have been better, but this change feels like its hurt its late game viability leaving it more a mid game item.


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