Nov 25, 2012

FOTM Report: Lux

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EVER since Korean gaming celebrities Chu8 and IGN Rapidstar started playing Lux she's been steadily gaining favor, especially after her buffs. However, now with mainstream gamer Froggen playing Lux as well, the EU and NA scene are catching Luxmania faster than ever before!

So what's so great about Lux?
  • She's super fun to play
  • Can snipe from half a screen away with her 40 second CD ultimate
  • Can 1v2 heroes with ease (as long as they're not assassins)
  • High amount of CC
  • Strong burst damage
  • Strong poking/pushing power
Why don't people usually play Lux?
  • She runs out of mana quickly
  • She's completely skillshot reliant (similar to why people used to not play Ezreal)
  • Low mobility
  • Weak early game
As you can see, there's a pretty big skill barrier to why people don't play Lux...according to her usage rate is still only about 12%, as compared to more popular AP mids like Katarina at close to 19%.

Here's some footage of Froggen wrecking face at Dreamhack with Lux by soulsmurder:

I'm not just a little girl you know...

Thoughts on Lux? Post below!

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1 comment:

  1. Lux was 1st mid champ I played. As you said she uncredibly fun to play and very rewarding. Also very easy to help other lanes thanks to amazing laser, which is relativly easy to land.


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