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Oct 23, 2012

Voyboy Benched on CLG.NA, LocoDoco Joins the Force!

After CLG Prime's defeat at the world championships, it looks like team manager HotShotGG wants to make a few changes, including adding world famous korean AD carry LocoDoco on as support.

CLG's stance is as follows:
Today we are excited to announce the addition of Yoonsup “Locodoco” Choi to the CLG NA roster. Locodoco will play support for the team while Chauster and HotshotGG will move to fill the jungle and top lane roles respectively.
Locodoco had this to say about his decision to leave Korea and join CLG:

“After declining several offers from Korean teams I’m glad to finally settle down with CLG. I see an immense potential within the team and hope to bring my Korean mindset and work ethic back to North America so that we may perform up to the CLG name in Season 3 and beyond.”

Joedat "Voyboy" Esfahani has been released from the team. 
Here's Voyboy's official words on the matter:
Long story short: Chauster's jungling, Jiji's staying mid, Hotshots relearning top and Locodoco is gonna play support for Doublelift.
Life goes on. AMA
edit: please don't make this a witchhunt or anything like that. the decision was made AS A TEAM by CLG it wasn't just hotshot or anything like that because they believed it was the right move. I'm just using this as an opportunity to talk openly with my fans.
Doublelift laments leaving Voyboy behind with these words:
I think I can finally say something about Loco being on CLG. This was the best decision for our team, and it makes me feel sick that we had to do something like this to Voyboy, who is pretty much all smiles and kind words the whole way.  
With regards to Loco, I think he's one of the most talented players in Korea what he brings to our team both mechanically and strategically is a huge upgrade. I bashed him in numerous interviews, and for some reason people take all my trashtalk very seriously. Loco is an amazing player and it was my choice and my choice alone in picking him.
Meanwhile, Saintvicious, CLG's previous jungler before Hotshot decided to try his hand in the trees had this to say on the matter:
this seems familiar Hotshot sucking top decides to try support benches elementz.... realizes he sucks at it then goes back to top. Hotshot sucks at top benches me from jungle to try it out.... realizes he sucks at jungle goes back to top and benches Voyboy. I wonder where the problem is.
Ouch. Burn!

What do you guys think about the swap? Will it work? Is HotshotGG not so hot anymore as he makes desperate changes to his team? Post below!

These changes are out of this world!

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  1. Without knowing the inside dynamics (as it does appear that HotShot is a dominant personality), you'd kind of have to agree with Saint about how the team is evolved in line with HotShot's need to move around inside the team and not finding a good place.

    Anyways, Voyboy is a really good top laner and I'd be surprised if he can't find a team for S3.

  2. Well, it is time for HotShot to realize his lack in skill and go for an organization role. I, for myself, had a couple of experiences of the same kind in some old teams where the person who setup the team and played well in the beginning just didnt make the progress some years later but didnt want to exit the game (cs 1.6 at that time).

    As it is and as Saintvicious mentioned, this is not the first time but the 4th time he moves around...

  3. Voyboy: I am no longer on CLG.
    I wish them the best of luck in Season 3 and beyond.
    I'll be looking to join a new team that can embrace me in the near future.


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