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Oct 20, 2012

Rocket Girl Tristana Released...Wait She's a Girl?!

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With the release of Rocket Girl Tristana, it suddenly dawns on me that indeed Tristana is a girl...I just assumed she was a prepubescent little boy who wanted to shoot I learned.

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Official Post:
Fire up your jetpack and deliver a devastating payload with Rocket Girl Tristana, a new skin for everyone’s favorite Megling Gunner. Rocket Girl Tristana explodes onto the scene sporting a new, hi-tech missile delivery system, full-body jumpsuit, and a stylish blast-resistant visor. New spell effects supercharge Tristana’s visuals, adding pulsing blue energy to her rocket launcher when she activates Rapid Fire and jetpack ignition when blasting off with Rocket Jump. This yordle makes it quite clear that she’s packing some serious heat.
Sometimes it's so hard being a yordle...

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