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Oct 27, 2012

Poll Eighteen Finished...But It Broke!

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Well I took down poll 18 early since...well it broke! I swear it wasn't my fault. Anyway, we asked which games you guys played other than League of Legends, and it appears many of you play Diablo 3 and World of Warcraft (or have played in the past)

Most of you also have never played Gunbound, but a good number of you have played Maplestory and the new Torchlight!

We've also got a surprisingly low number of Starcraft players around, which is strange considering how many famous Starcraft players are switching to LoL...well maybe it's not that strange after all.

Apologies again for the broken poll, I know many of you were looking forward to the results!

Oops. I think I broke-d something...

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  1. i think every1 just mains lol... its so addictive ...


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