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Oct 17, 2012

Huge Twisted Treeline Overhaul in the Works

They've started a massive overhaul of the Twisted Treeline on the PBE. Complaints of imbalance haven't fallen on deaf ears, and the Riot team is busy changing up pretty much everything on the map.

Glad I got my badge before the changes!

Official Post:

We’re excited to announce that a new version of Twisted Treeline is about to hit PBE, with a live Beta soon to follow. We've heard your feedback, and we’ve rebuilt Treeline to improve some of the areas you suggested. Here’s a rundown of the major renovations to the map:
  • More viable team comps: the item shop on Twisted Treeline now boasts an arsenal tailor-made to support every role in 3v3 combat, and the terrain has been modified to make blink champions easier to hunt down
  • An improved jungle: We’ve replaced the random monsters with new, reliable jungle camps, and removed most of the upper jungle to focus the action towards the center where the jungler can gank both lanes
  • Faster games: we widened the choke point outside each inhibitor to prevent late game turtling and added a wall separating the shrine turret from the Nexus to stop players from pulling super minions into the laser beam
  • More awesome neutral objective: The Lizard Elder has been replaced by two altars that can be claimed for a team-wide buff, and Ebonmaw has been replaced by Vilemaw – an epic giant spider boss!
Remember that this is still Beta, so be sure to help us continue improving the new design for this classic battlefield by posting your feedback to the Twisted Treeline forums. Whether you’re a veteran Twisted Treeline player or you’re getting ready for your first 3v3 match, we hope you’ve come prepared for some fast-paced, champion-centered gameplay.

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  1. I watched like ten games on a livestream yesterday and i am very disappointed. This is basically dominion playstyle. Your can no longer sneak anywhere because the map is sooo small. Random fights just occur all the time. No strategy is needed and there is hard to no punishment for misspositioning because your teammates are just 5 meters away.
    Buffs are gone and i am not very satisfied with the altair principle. It might be good if you are getting used to play with these.
    Because the buffs are gone there will be no more real jungle as all will just roam around and do every camp once in a time. I guess you could call it a mixture of ARAM and Dominion.
    Total crap in my eyes.
    Hoping for a change in the Beta because me and 2 of my friends played the map quite a lot in the last couple months.

  2. I forgot 2 things. Wards have been removed. The forums started to rant about this but i have to ask why? You dont even need wards because you can see nearly everything and if you had wards then 2 would be enough to have a maphack.
    I have one good thing to say though :)
    The items look terrific. Blacktorch seems like a nice item that will enable more AP-based heroes to play on the map. Also the small Rabadons encourage player to play more than just Rumble, Singed, Gragas (and a few others) on this map

  3. At least the changes will be happening at the beginning of the season rather than the end of the season.

    Twisted Treeline has always been a very secretive metagame compared to summoner's rift, and I guess this might just add on to it.

    Personally, it seems like there's more strategy involved on the new TT; but if people think it's much easier than the old one, less will actually bother to research a strategy.

    Dominion works the same way. If you have one person that knows the strategy on a team, it's very very easy to win almost 100% of the time.


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