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Oct 20, 2012

Bot Support Packaged With New Twisted Treeline

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In a recent riot post by BuffMePlz, he revealed that co-op vs AI will be packaged along with the new Twisted Treeline!

Official Post:
Hey all, we're super excited to announce that Twisted Treeline will ship day and date with complete bot support. That means you'll be able to queue up on Twisted Treeline with friends in Co-op vs. AI, or load up some bots for practice in custom games! 
This should be enabled on PBE now with a couple of issues we weren't able to fix in time for the build: 
1) The bots on top lane will occasionally path through Vilemaw's lair instead of staying in lane (oops) 
2) Bots have a chance to get stuck jittering back and forth on the edges of the jungle (you'll know when it happens) 
Both of these issues should be fixed with the next deploy, but let us know if you see any other issues! 
Hi, I'm scenery that's completely irrelevant to this post! :D

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