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Sep 12, 2012

Season 2 Rewards Announced!


The highly anticipated season 2 rewards have been posted along with the requirements for each! It's pretty self explanatory so I'll let you read!

"The Season Two World Championship is approaching, and with it, the end of the competitive season on October 23, 2012. And the end of Season Two brings Season Two rewards. You’ll earn some exciting rewards this season, including new summoner icons, loading screen borders, profile banners, forum badges, and a stunning skin. We’ll tell you about those in a minute. 

First, we’ve got some news about changes to the ladder and rating system that’ll make your race for the finish a lot more rewarding. With the September 11th patch we’ll be rolling out improvements to Ranked play. In Season Three, we’ll look to make other changes and improvements. 

Here’s the scoop.

The Changes:
  • Season 2 rewards will be based on the highest rating you achieve between now and the end of the season. Once you’ve achieved a tier, you’ll have it for good, and playing more games can only help you out. In order to do this, we are resetting Top Rating for all players to their Current Rating and will be using Top Rating to determine end-of-season reward tiers.
  • We’re adding a whole new tier! Diamond will be at the top and the other tiers have expanded so that everyone who becomes ranked will qualify for a tier and the corresponding rewards. Players who joined a team on or after September 1 will also need to win five games with that team to qualify for rewards.
  • We’ve upgraded the medal art on your summoner profile. At each new tier, you’ll unlock an awesome new medal.
  • Tiers will now be subdivided into rating “ranks”. These ranks inform you of how close you are to moving up to the next tier. Moving up a rank also enhances your summoner profile medal.
  • Check out the table at the bottom of the post to see the Top Rating required to reach a particular tier and rank.

The Rewards:

Bronze tier:

  • Bronze summoner icon for each queue (3v3 team, 5v5 solo, or 5v5 team) in which you are Bronze tier

Silver tier: 

  • Silver border on the game loading screen
  • Silver summoner icon for each queue in which you are Silver tier

Gold tier: 

  • War Hero Janna skin
  • Gold banner trim in summoner profile
  • Gold border on the game loading screen
  • Gold summoner icon for each queue in which you are Gold tier

Platinum tier: 

  • Platinum forum badge
  • War Hero Janna skin
  • Platinum banner trim in summoner profile
  • Platinum border on the game loading screen
  • Platinum summoner icon for each queue in which you are Platinum tier


  • Diamond forum badge
  • War Hero Janna skin
  • Diamond banner trim in summoner profile
  • Diamond border on the game loading screen
  • Diamond summoner icon for each queue in which you are Diamond tier

Played in All Queues: achieved a tier in 5v5 solo, 5v5 team, and 3v3 team
Special summoner icon based on the lowest tier achieved in the three queues

You’ll reap your rewards shortly after the end of the season, but be on the lookout for sneak peeks of the skin, badges and other goods in the coming weeks. GLHF!

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  1. When exactly is the end of season 2 and start of season 3?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Doesn't it say 23 oct?

  4. Whoops, you're right =] I must have been veeeery sleepy last night to miss

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