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Sep 18, 2012

Scarra Shows Katarina + Ward Killing Trick

Champions like Shyvana are at a huge advantage when it comes to ward clearing, since with her twin bite, she can easily kill a ward before it goes invisible.

But it looks like there's a new champ on the block who does pretty well too! Enter...


Text Version:
Katarina's shunpo not only reveals your own wards, but it also reveals enemy wards for 3 seconds as well.

If you get an auto attack off on the ward and then shunpo to it, you'll have enough time to finish it off before it goes invisible as good guy Scarra shows us in the video above!'s like you guys underestimated me!

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  1. Wish they would re-release Red Card, and Kitty Katarina skins. I would actually buy some RP for those.


  2. I watched this happen on stream. I was very impressed.


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