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Sep 30, 2012

Poll Sixteen Finished, Poll Seventeen Up!

You might have noticed a slight decline in the number of posts I've been putting up this week; it's because I've had no internet for the past 7 days and 7 nights!

I managed to put up that Twisted Treeline while sitting in a McDonald's for their free wi-fi, but apologies for the lack of updates between then.

Anyway, it's time to shoot up a new poll! Our last poll asked you who you thought the strongest champion was (previous to Rengar, Syndra and Khazix) and it appears most of you believed Darius to be the most OP of the lot with Diana and Zyra pulling closely behind.

A new poll will be out shortly. You might have noticed I only replace old polls when I have an idea for a new feel free to drop a comment below with poll ideas that you'd like to see in the future!


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  1. Wish I could get to gold, it's not far, just don't have time for that.

  2. Which team do u think that will win season 2

  3. That's a good idea Durem, that'll probably be the next poll =] thanks!

  4. Everyone can't play against Darius soo he is "OP." Maybe if you just learn to play against the champ you will realize he isn't that OP, there are many champs worse than he is.


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