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Aug 8, 2012

orb LemonNation Reaches #1 Solo Queue As Support Main

Based on the statistics, almost every top 10 player is either an AD Carry or a Mid main, with sprinklings of other roles in between.

However, orb LemonNation recently changed it up a bit, reaching Rank 1 in solo queue a few days ago playing nothing but...Support?

That's right, the role that the majority of solo queuers avoid like the plague is actually...good for gaining ELO?

Maining Janna and Blitzcrank, LemonNation shows that by playing high impact supports, you can indeed carry your team to victory.

So which supports can you use to help increase YOUR elo?

Janna: Janna is the queen of utility for supports, and her CC allows your team to not only capitalize on the enemy team's mistakes, but to also protect your team from their own mistakes. Her global speed boost is also just enough to make an impact...every time an enemy barely escapes, you know it was that tailwind.

Blitzcrank: This is the ultimate "big play" hero in solo queue, and is tanky enough to assert dominance in lane, absorbing poke and zoning out the enemy AD carry. He's faster than almost every other hero, and with the right pulls, can easily change the tide of a game.

Taric: With AD carries always located bot lane, his armor passive allows for an amazing laning phase. His targetted stun is also extremely reliable with a short CD. His heal also gives him a good balance of laning strategy, and makes him adaptable to different playstyles.

Alistar: I've left this hero for last because he's almost ALWAYS banned for his jungling prowess throughout most elos. If you can master this bull as support though, he might be better than the rest in terms of flexibility and sheer kill potential.

Soraka and Sona are *viable* yes, but the early game impact they make is much lower than the amount of pressure the previously mentioned heroes can make starting from level 1 onwards.

Main support? Comments on orb LemonNation's rise to glory? Post below!


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  1. anthony 'Brolaf' CollinsAugust 09, 2012

    I main supports too. I find nunu is a super high impact support aswell. His speed up and slow is god mode in lane

  2. anthony 'Brolaf' CollinsAugust 10, 2012

    But making it to top elo on supports. Mad props. Its so hard when u need to rely solely on your team


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