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Aug 25, 2012

Late August Patch Preview

The late August patch preview has been released along with a slew of nerfs for our favorite (or my favorite at least) OP heroes including Corki, Diana, Ezreal, and Graves. Meanwhile, Evelynn is getting buffed (again)

  • Increased cooldown of Valkyrie
  • Increased cooldown on the missile creation time of his ult
  • Lowered base health regen
  • Lowered Damage and AP Ratio on Crescent strike
  • Dark Frenzy cool down time reduced and now allows Eve to pass through minions
  • Stealth now has a smaller detection range
  • Rank two and three of Agony's Embrace has a lower cool down
  • Essence Flux hit box reduced
  • Essence Flux AP Ratio increased
  • Essence Flux base damage reduced
  • Mystic Shot mana cost lowered
  • Lowered attack speed bonus on Quick draw.
  • Lowered base attack speed.
Abyssal Scepter
  • Aura range reduced greatly
I feel...different

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  1. Are you kidding me? Why nerf Graves? He's not OP at all. I really can't uderstand how Riot is thinking. All I have too say is R.I.P Graves..Riot killed him.

  2. He's more popular than Ezreal in Korea, and his mid-game is still ridiculously powerful

  3. Yeah ok, he has good crowd controll but not better than other midders like Varus. After this nerf he's not going to be worth the 6300ip i spend on him.

  4. Unlike Varus, Graves got pretty good late game too - stronger and more reliable AS steroid. In short he is pretty good in every aspect - got burst, steroid, dash and some minor CC. Nothing to complain about him I think. :D

  5. Graves is super strong.. they simply had to nerf him. And i think they did it the right way... i mean.. if enemy team is stacked up at baron/drake.. 1 smoke bomb, Ult, and buck shot (i think thats the name, i dont play him that much) and the enemy team would be down in a few seconds... super strong in so many ways.. couldnt be beaten by many imo


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