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Jul 27, 2012

New Evelyn Re-buffed in Diana Patch

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In conjunction with the Rumble nerf in the Diana patch, Riot's also got some plans for buffing Eve. (oh why riot why?!)

Red Post by Statikk says:
We agree we released Evelynn a bit on the weak side. 
What we also believe though is that this new Evelynn still has a large learning curve and things may look worse at the moment to some players than they really are. 
We're overall happy with how she is functioning, though she definitely needs some fine tuning. We're confident we can get her into a good place without something as drastic as say re-introducing a stun on the kit. 
There are 2 primary buffs we plan on pushing next patch for Eve:
1) Reduce the time she needs to get back into her stealthWe built enough natural counter-play to her stealth that this just seems excessive in disallowing her to play the game she was meant to play. 
2) Significantly reduce her ultimate's cooldownWe loaded a ton of her power into this spell, and Eve is very reliant on good use of this spell to succeed in all phases of the game. 
Let's see how this affects things and move on from there.

What do you guys think? Looking foward to the buffs? Think they should let her lie down? Post below!

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