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Jul 24, 2012

Aphromoo Leaves TSM.evo

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In a stunning turn of events it appears that the dream team has broken up. Nhat Nguyen and Aphromoo have parted ways with Nhat remaining on TSM.evo and Aphromoo heading off to parts unknown.

His reasons for leaving have yet to be disclosed.

Nhat has given the following statements:
"After some careful thought and discussion, Aphromoo has decided to leave the team in order to pursue opportunities elsewhere. Although I will not elaborate on why he chose to leave the team, we wish him the best of luck." 
"Unfortunately, he decided to part ways but we have been planning ways to improve as a team since his departure. We are currently in the process of recruiting an AD player you might know and our team is still very confident in our chances at the season regional with this change."
Speculation includes lack of team synergy from the other lanes as well as lack of dedication on Salce's part.

Other speculations include Aphro's unwillingness to make guides.

However, Aphro was NOT kicked from the team and will likely be joining another team in the future. (Possible Curse?)

Source: Mono ESports

...what happened to Baylife?

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