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Jul 16, 2012

AD Malzahar on the Horizon?

In the next Patch, Malzahar will recieve the following changes:

Passive: Receiving fixes for targeting and will go into the bush Malzahar is in.
Null Zone: No casting time (Cast while moving)

Meanwhile, Blue Post by TiberiusAudley writes:
Attempt AD Malzahar bottom lane on Summoner's Rift once the Malz changes come through. 
Build him the same way people build Urgot. Boots, Double Doran's, into Brutalizer/Glacial/FH/BT/GA. 
Runes: Armor Pen Quints/Reds, choice Yellows/Blues.
Masteries: Probably 21/9/0. 
Trust me on this.

Now that his Voidlings are going to be less reliant on his E, his lane dominance starts at level 1, rather than level 2. 
He'll be the new Anti-carry.
Original post

I'll admit I've played AD Malzahar once or twice on Dominion and done very well with him, but I'm a little hesitant on playing him on summoner's rift as AD. It does sound like a real interesting concept, and I do believe that AD Malzahar could possibly be a viable pick for bot lane, but I'm not sure if it would work on another player of similar skill level.

Let's see if his prediction comes true! Meanwhile, feel free to try AD Malzahar with your friends sometime. Those voidlings pack a punch!

If you look like this, you can do ANYTHING!

Thoughts? Comments? Post below!

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  1. SivHD AD Malzahar guide!!

  2. This is an interesting theory. But I don´t think he would be viable to be honest. Every single one of his abilities scales from AP, and sure early game his high output spells will do fairly well, but with no steroid or crowd control, not taking his ultimate that renders both Malzahar and his target unable to attack with physical damage, into account. Being able to attack a target with physical damage is key to an AD build, he would be needing a setup tailored for him in every single match. If not he will just be a walking glass stunbot, and might as well have gone AP as intended. I'm not saying that it's impossible, I'm just saying that I don't see why.

  3. Actually, he has a good kit. His Voidlings scale off of AD. If he has a Voidling active, and ults someone, the Voidling will continue to dish out damage while the target can do nothing but cry.
    I'm pretty sure he can have multiple Voidlings active at the same time too.


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