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Jun 22, 2012

Saintvicious Declares Hecarim OP

In a recent VoD Saintvicious (the jungler for Curse gaming) explained why he believes Hecarim is a very strong and possibly overpowered jungler at the moment.

He declares that his base stats are amazing, including his damage and his movespeed.

SV also goes through a rundown of each of his skills and explains why Hecarim "is God". His build and skilling is a little different from what most people do, and sounds a little unconventional as builds go.

Personally I haven't really seen the true power of Hecarim yet, but I might have to give it another look-see after this little promotion by SV.

Horsey-boy THIS!

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  1. Personally I find him underwhelming in the jungle but really strong top. Unless you are getting kills from your ganks, he just doesn't have the farm to get the items he needs to be the beast that he is. In top lane, you can just play passive, farm up on creeps, keep yourself safe till you have a Tri-force then go roaming for ganks. Getting to the point via the jungle without lots of kills is tougher.

  2. No it's not.. hecarim clears the jungle faster than anyone. He is pure aoe damage..

  3. ^ Typical noob.

  4. Hecarim is much better solo top than jungle if the enemy jungler knows how to counter jungle than your screwed no matter what.

  5. Hecarim is just fine in the jungle, his initial clear is slow and he doesn't eat through camps as fast as shyv, udyr, or maokai. However, he has pretty awesome ganks, does lots of damage when built tanky, and scales extremely well into late game for the exact reasons that SaintV mentions: high mobility, dat ult, and the OP W that basically gives you spellvamp and lifesteal for all damage your team deals.

    Also, fun fact, Hecarim is the #1 champ for initiating fights at baron, because his W will heal for ALL damage dealt to enemies, from ANY SOURCE IE including from baron.

    However, I wouldn't lane him. The problem with laning hecarim is that all of the spells you'd use to harass deal AOE damage and would therefore push your lane.

  6. i talked to the top20 players in the world 18 out of 20 said hekarim is underpowered and underwhelming . bottom line he sucks

  7. well so.. by my opinion, hecarim isnt overpowered. yes he is EXTREMLY strong in late game, but his weakness is in early game. if u get countered or FAIL a gank, you wont be doing very well and will be a SHIT mid and late game. i mean, if the enemy jungler pick gank heavy / early strong jungler like Shaco, Lee Sin, Xin Zhao or Udyr and counterjungle u... thats your end.
    hecarim is FAIR.

  8. but yes, he is one of best choices for soloq


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