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Jun 20, 2012

Riot Gives NA Players 10-Win IP boost

Since Riot had a massive downtime on 6/17 as a result of the new patch, they're compensating NA players with a 10-win IP boost.


On the other hand, the same patch they tried to implement last time just crashed the server again on 6/20 when they tried to implement it the second time.

... real. 20 win-IP boost inc?

Official Announcment:
My name is Lance Stites and I’m a Senior Producer at Riot Games. I’ve introduced myself previously, but my primary responsibility is to maintain the health of our global live service and ensure the quality level of everyone’s League of Legends experience is as high as possible. 
As too many of you are aware, we had a significant outage during Sunday, June 17. We have been working throughout the previous week for a patch that we felt important enough to come in over the weekend and deploy. Part of it was improved stability and security updates, part content preparation, and variety of other improvements. We felt we could get this update out “off peak” in the middle of the night and be back to service quickly. Obviously, it didn’t happen that way. We had significant issues that resulted in a pretty hardcore, full on restore. We rallied, well, everyone—from the President and CEO on down.  
We know these interruptions are the worst and we’re sorry for the inconvenience it caused. 
As a thanks for your continued patience we’re going to send you a 10-win IP boost. These Boosts can take up to a couple or even few days to make it out to everyone, so sit tight! Please note: only summoners that have played a game on NA in the last 10 days will qualify for this. 
Thank you again for your patience, and thank you for playing League of Legends.
TL;DR: Patch went haywire, too much downtime; have a 10-win boost!

What'll they think of next...

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  1. EUW has a 10-Win IP boost too :

  2. Thanks for the heads up Djorak :)

  3. Cmon riot, you know it, we want free rp!! lol


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