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Jun 8, 2012

Reasons for ELO Fluctuations for the Last Three Weeks

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Hi everyone! I'm off my Diablo 3 splurge after a week and a half. Thanks for bearing with me and being patient, I just had to see what all the fuss was about, and it was definitely interesting!

Anyway, I'm back to League of Legends now and today I'd like to go over something related to Diablo 3: ELO Fluctuations for the past 3 weeks.

Trouble in the ELO economy? King Jarvan is here to help!

Perhaps some of you were unaffected, but most of you might notice as you scan down your buddy list, (save for some anomalies) the majority of people lost ELO in the two weeks after Diablo 3's release.

Why is this?

Basically, there are less people to take ELO from, which means that people higher than you will have to play against hypothetically "better" players, and therefore lose more often since the "casual" League of Legend players will have switched over to Diablo 3 on its release.

This means don't fret over losing 50 or even 100 elo in the last week! I personally know of 5 people on my buddy list who dropped from 2000 elo all the way down to 1700 elo, and the higher you go, the larger the effects are.

What will happen to us?!
On the other hand, rejoice! Diablo 3's BRICK WALL is stopping most players from advancing, which means more and more Diablo 3 players are coming back to League of included.

What does this mean?

More people to take ELO from of course! Naturally it won't be an immediate affect unless you play 20 games a day, but you WILL rise as more and more gamers rejoin the League of Legends scene.

Hopefully this gives some of you who lost massive ELO in the past few weeks some solace!

Best of luck on the field summoners! it all makes sense!

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