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Jun 13, 2012

Dodging No Longer Losing ELO in a Month

A recent Riot report by RiotKiddington, platform engineer, says that within a month we will no longer lose ELO for dodging games. For those of us who have experienced client crashes for a brisk -10 elo, this comes as a great relief.

On the other hand, for those of us who like unconventional picks, it might cause more headache, especially at lower elos where people generally follow the meta or die trying.

Original post below:
We understand that losing elo from dodging does not make sense. We asked ourselves the question “how is dodging affect one’s skill level”, and we reached the same conclusion that dodging will not make a player better or worse in terms of their skill level. So, a change has been proposed by game design, and it has been implemented by Riot engineering. In the new implementation: ranked dodge will not cause any elo loss, instead some other form of discouragement has been added. This change should be released within a month.
Original Post

Think it's a good change? Bad change? Comment below!

But can anyone dodge as well as me?!

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  1. Goes both ways i think. I'm in the low-end elo ladder and i am only playing duo. Down here, the trolls are feasting on the non-dodging ability right now, so it would be nice to be able to dodge the worst of em.

  2. what type of discouragement can be implemented other than really long down time?? I can't think of any thing else...


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