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May 1, 2012

Xypherous Complains about Spell Vamp

In a recent Riot post, Xypherous explained his problem with Spell Vamp, specifically Will of the Ancients.
Unfortunately, I'm not a huge fan of spell vamp as a statistic - so I haven't really thought about it.
My thoughts are that WoTA's actual problem is that we made an combat aura item that is rushed by a lane whose gold income is typically one of the highest (Mid) and so whoever gets that item first can snowball the game for his team easily.
Basically, whichever team can fight with WoTA first has way too much advantage due to AP being almost a ubiquitously good stat and spell vamp being ubiquitously good overall. 
I'm not actually sure at the moment - I know WoTA is annoying but there's been a disturbing trend of team fight snowballing from cross-lanes that I'm trying to figure out.
Original Post here

Xypherous makes a very good point here. There's been a general shift of aura items from the support buying it to the jungler/mid lane buying it, specifically items like Aegis, Shurelias, and Will of the Ancients.

By having a higher income position buy the aura items, it allows your team to gain more from early game team-fighting which is very prevalent the higher in elo you move.

Spellvamp especially is annoying, since even AD heroes can take advantage of it with well...their spells.

Going off on a tangent, having the jungler purchase Aegis of the Legion is extremely beneficial to your team, since he can bring the aura with him to ganks and counter ganks, while also having the ability to purchase it much faster than the support. This allows your team to maximize the effectiveness of the flat armor/mag resist, which loses power as the game goes on.

What are your thoughts on WOTA and Aegis? Comment below!


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  1. The only that i want to do right now after reading this, is make a troll team 5 ap, and rush WOTA and Aegis trolololol
    Something like
    Soraka AP - Veigar AP bot,
    Ryze AP - Mid
    Kennen/Vladi - Top
    Sion Ap . Jungle

    It must be funny.. how much spell vamp? xD

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Vlad top, soraka Mord bot, Katrina mid, Fid jungle. All rush WotA (exept soraka with soul shroud and abysal scepter) and team fight as soon as possible. Now that I've typed this, it looks really OP early to mid game.
    In all seriousness though, I want to pair up with a Vlad as Soraka in Dom. build orders:
    Soraka. Abyssal, WotA, soul shroud, cdr boots, thorn mail or AP
    Vladamir. Rylia's, WotA, I'm not sure how well he scales hith cdr or hp, but spirit vasauge, or if you feel generouse another soul shroud would be great. Otherwise, AP and MP


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