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May 20, 2012

Saintvicious to Curse, Voyboy to CLG, HotshotGG to Jungle?!

In a massive move unforeseen to everyone except those with insider knowledge, it appears that:
This ridiculously large shift in each team's arguably best players leaves several gaping questions that need to be answered:
  • Why the changes?
    • Was it simply for a fresh start?
    • Did teammates just start getting mad at each other?
  • How does Dignitas feel about Voyboy leaving?
    • Who's the new top solo for Dignitas?
  • Does HotshotGG even know how to jungle?!
What do you guys think about the whole situation? Comment below!

The answer is obvious...mind control :)

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  1. I don't mind these changes. It'll be interesting to sew the new team dynamics and how things go heading into the season 2 championships! ^-^

  2. HA HomosuckerGG can't play top lane let alone jungle. His map awareness is horrid and every one knows it. I'm glad Saint left his dead weight where it belongs. Saint is a fucking overall great player. He will do well with another old team mate on Curse. GL Saint and lol Voyboy is silly... have fun picking up their slack.

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