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May 11, 2012

Free2Play Champions Removed from Ranked Queue Soon

In a recent post by RiotLyte, he declared
Free2Play Champions are being removed from Ranked Solo/Duo Queue soon unless you own the champions. We may revisit this policy in the future, but we are going to test this out.
Original Post here

Seems like an interesting change!

Free your champion, free your mind...

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  1. This is a great idea. Too often people grab the free flavor of the week and try it out in RANKED! Dont come to a ranked game unless you are bringing your A game. If you havent played a champion enough to own him, then you should be 'Playing around' with that champion in unranked games.

  2. What about queue people with 500 ranked games with other people with the same ammount of game? I think isn't that hard, even easier in lower elos... I think people fighting to leave 1100's who has to face people that seems extremely retard o new player that i don't have any idea how did they get 30 without understanding the game, but it is annoying if your experience of 500 ranked games has to be joined with people loosing his firts games xD...
    Interesting also :)

  3. There's a newbie island where solo queue people with less than 10 games played play with each other, and duo queues with less than 20 games total.

    If you get someone with less than 10 games played, blame their duo queue partner lol


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