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May 15, 2012

Free-to-Play Heroes Disabled for Ranked!

The much awaited removal of free-to-play heroes from ranked games is now enacted!

Official Riot post below:


Ranked Games are about trying hard and competing to the best of your ability. Meanwhile, Free-to-Play champions let you try out a new champion and see if you like it. These are really conflicting goals, so we wanted to investigate disabling the Free-to-Play rotation for Ranked Solo/Duo Queue.

We found some interesting statistics: 
  • If a player on your team is fielding a champion he doesn’t own, you’re 8% more likely to lose the game.
  • A teammate fielding a champion he doesn’t own is 62% more likely to leave the game.
  • If a player in your game is fielding a champion he doesn’t own, the game is 34% more likely to result in a player being reported.

That’s a big deal in such a competitive environment, so we’re making a change to keep the Ranked Solo/Duo Queue as competitive as possible. We’re removing the option to select champions you haven’t unlocked in the Ranked Solo/Duo Queue as of May 22nd. If you have a champion unlocked and it’s on the Free-to-Play rotation, you can still play that champion.

We’re leaving the Free-to-Play rotation intact for Normal Games because they fit with the spirit of Free-to-Play champions. In Ranked Teams, your teammates should already be aware of your intentions to play a champion you don’t own, so we want to leave you that option.

Source: Announcements

No more free week Blitzcrankie? :(

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  1. I like your comments behind the image of every post lol..

    This looks really nice, let's hope they'll keep fixing all the problems that solo queue has.

  2. This might make it harder for people to get into ranked games seeing as they now have to actually have 16 champions. But after seeing the statistics I agree with the change.


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