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May 11, 2012

Epik Gaming joins TSM lineup

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In conjunction with their opening EU invitational-only tournament, TSM has also announced that the Epik gaming team will be joining up under the TSM banner with the following lineup:
Mid Trevor “Salce” Salce
Top Daryl “Wingsofdeathx” Hennegan
Jungle Johnny “Unstoppable” Tran
AD Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black
Support Nhat Nguyen
More Professional Team rosters here

Some quotes from the Epik team are:

"I'm excited for this opportunity to play under the TSM name. With our new line up, I believe that we have a lot of promise and hopefully we make the TSM brand even more awesome than it already is.” -Love Unstoppable

"tsm are the homies and now i'm under tsm so now we like a gang of super good videogamers and homies" -Salce

"I'm happy that our team is joining the TSM banner. We've always had a connection with them through competition and streaming so this move feels very natural. We are going to continue to aim to become the best and we would like to thank our fans for supporting us." -Nhat Nguyen

"I am going to be pissed off all the time because i'll be the only black guy." "Mommaphro always said, "sun you gunna be an athelete." Little did I know I was gonna be a videogamin' athelete under team solo mid." "Basketball, no dawg. Only dunking I do, is in league of legends, UNDER TEAM SOLO MID" -Aphromoo

See more information at the original forum post by DanDinh on the TSM Forums

Sounds like a plan!

Seems like an interesting move by Epik considering Salce wasn't all too happy about Dyrus leaving in the first place. Personally I think it's a very good move by Epik since they were having trouble getting serious about the competitive scene and practicing.

Does anybody know what happened to Westrice though? Comment below!

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