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May 9, 2012

21/0/9 vs 21/9/0 Masteries for AD Carries


Depending on the extend of your carry's ability to spam spells, you might choose to pick up the 9 points in utility rather than the 9 points in the defense tree. Examples of heroes that might choose to go the utility route are heroes such as Sivir, Ezreal, and possibly Varus.

However, there's an intrinsically appealing aesthetically mind-gaming factor involved in mastery selection, and I think by this picture below, you can figure it out:

Although the HP levels will even out as you level up in lane, this early game mental image of the enemy AD carry simply being stronger than yours will give them an early advantage in lane. This is incidentally why I think Soraka is OP, as she allows your AD carry to safely grab the 9 points in defense, a doran's blade, and lose no utility in the laning phase.

Clearly, the 9 points in defense allow you to trade strongly early game, but fall off later in the game.

As for the 9 points in utility, they offer good power for a Janna/Sona/AnythingotherthanSoraka lane with an AD carry that is reliant on spell spamming. The buff duration is also especially powerful for heroes such as Ezreal, where having both buffs can mean the difference between a 5 for 0 exchange in one direction or another.

What's your preference for AD masteries? Got some insight? Post your comments below!

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  1. "This is incidentally why I think Soraka is OP, as she allows your AD carry to safely grab the 9 points in --offense--"

    I presume it should be "defense". Otherwise, I agree with it being beneficial for most carries if you can manage your mana wisely.

  2. You're absolutely right Falleth, thanks for the catch!

  3. I just can't bring myself to miss out on extra movespeed on literally any character besides kat

  4. Ever since it's 4 points for 2%, I dislike Swiftness a lot.

  5. Sounds nice, i've always played 9 on defense, + defensive runes.. now i'll go 9 on utility + starting with boots possibly, it might out range, or at least out speed him, if i can say it in that way, because most of noobs rangeds ad begins with doran, i don't like it, always a good mov speed it's good

  6. I always go for 9 in utility. I don't mind loosing the first 3 minutes, but then you realize that 9 in defense falls behind so fast.


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