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Apr 18, 2012

Revisiting the Teemo Strategy

With the Teemo buff in the Hecarim patch, now seems like a good idea to revisit...
The strategy that once rocketed The Rain Man to the #1 solo queue spot and his claim to fame - Masteries and Runes here
Why is it called the Teemo strategy? Well essentially when you have a Teemo, your team will be forced to play the Teemo strategy or else fight unfavorable odds and eventually lose.

While Teemo will be able to teamfight later on in the game after he's farmed, for the first half an hour, little Teemo will mostly be annoyingly pushing top lane all by his lonesome self or fighting small skirmishes.

He can go head to head with most junglers and solo tops 1v1, and has extremely good escape mechanisms. This means he can choose when he wants to engage if he wards well enough, despite being "overextended".

If you've ever played bot lane in Dominion, Teemo on Summoner's Rift follows a very similar concept, pushing as hard as he can without dying and forcing enemies into his lane to help fight him off.

Why Play Teemo?
Countering by Pushing + Sustaining
  • AD/AS Teemo has the ability to push lanes very hard as a result of his poisons and quick attack speed (which can proc wriggles if you get it). He's also a ranged hero that can sustain off lifesteal, which makes him an ideal counter to heroes like Warwick, who excel against melee top lanes.
  • By buying Wriggles + Executioner's Calling, he can also beat heroes like Shen and even Vladimir in lane who are normally unmovable solo tops.
To be the center of attention
  • As most people know, Teemo has a hidden passive that globally taunts all heroes into attacking him. In addition, like Singed, he's annoyingly untouchable with his mushrooms, move quick, and invisibility.
Cons to Teemo:
As I mentioned before, playing Teemo forces your team to adapt to the Teemo strategy. If they randomly engage while you're split pushing top, you're sure to get some angry comments.

Playing Teemo also requires you as a Teemo player to recognize when you should teamfight. If you can push a lane hard enough to bait one or two people to come stop your push, you should head over to where your team is and force a 5v4 or 5v3 engage.

Playing Teemo is a combination of pushing as hard as you can, surviving/kiting, and luring the enemy team away so your team can accomplish objectives.

While The Teemo Strategy is very viable and strong, be wary of extreme raging if your team loses, for most likely it'll be "All Your Fault", but hey, what else is new in solo queue?

Good luck on the field summoner!

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  1. this post was TOO SHORT. got me really interested. that said, hope we don't get a sudden flood of bad teemo players... cos those are just painful...

  2. I get this all day everyday anyway. You could get all the way to their nexus but because they engaged 4v5 and lost you are the worst player ever imaginable and will be reported (the horror).

    No one except top laners know how top lane works and it is everyone elses fault they have no idea how it works.

    Enemy shows up at Dragon fight and you are top? ok, back off from dragon and we take top tower. NOPE - we engage 4v5 then shout at top lane for sucking so hard then surrender. The wonderful world of people who think they understand league of legends. you farm for 12 minutes then team fight for 30 minutes then between teamfights you kill towers while you wait for them to spawn again.... right?

  3. tried teemo bot lane, it still working amazing, but i don't build as the rainman does, it gets him behind, taking an early bf + zeal makes him totally breaker, without talk if you finish the infinity edge + phantom. The mushrooms are helpful keeping the lane safe, and with a bit of help from the support is pretty easy to get kills..
    Starting with an agressive and weird support is helpful, beginning with boots + 3 pots, you can spam your enemy once you get ahead, because he can't get away from your mov speed

  4. Interesting, I'll have to try that sometime Durem! I'm not sure how well Teemo would do against someone like Caitlyn with boots, but I can definitely see how his early game could destroy someone like a Vayne starting Doran's Blade.

  5. Began loosing some lanes, but playing safe, farming and waith for the jungler.. whenever he ganks, teemo becomes a beast, and the Q blind, is so amazing, without talking about late... Did 4 - 0 in ranked, 8 deaths in the total score


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