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Mar 6, 2012

Morello Updates On Pulsefire Ezreal (Still in the Works)

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After months of waiting, Morello has updated us on the current state of Pulsefire Ezreal. It is still in the works and they're tweaking some final animations.
To clarify this, let me dev diary Pulsefire Ezreal for you guys;

At the start, it was determined Ezreal needs not only a new skin, but something that'd be worth the wait since the last one. What we started with was a pretty clean and simple cyborg-inspired Ezreal skin that had a little clean-up to do. We could ship it out, but we wanted to make it better quality.

After improving it, our zealous (in a good way!) particle artist Adam started adding sweet little touches to it, and we just kept seeing more and more potential. Now, after the particle effects were ramped up, the animations needed to kept getting better and better, but as we upped each new element, the art guys kept getting excited on what was coming together and kept pushing it further with new stuff. 

Basically, we want to do something really special with Pulsefire Ezreal, but the reality of that is it takes a lot longer. This kind of thing (development time vs scope) happens all the time, but a lot of the reason we don't reveal the information early is because the expectation of it coming out really soon after people find out occurs. 

So, no new info other than "soon(tm)", but I at least wanted to give you some insight as to why we're not releasing it yet. And I think it's the right decision - it's totally worth it.
 Original Morello Post
Coming Soon (TM)

In the meantime, here's a skinspotlight by the user SkinSpotlights with the latest version of Pulsefire Ezreal that we have available from the game files.

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