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Mar 9, 2012

Invading Enemy Red: New FOTM

Everyone knows that invading the enemy jungle is risky, but can be highly rewarding if you catch the enemy off guard for an early first blood, a couple summoners, and messing up their jungler's early game route.

However, as many people have also learned, invading the enemy blue may end in failure if their team gets aced face-checking the bush Alistar and Garen are hiding in.

So what's the solution? Invade the enemy red.
Benefits of Invading Red:
  • Enemy teams generally mobilizes near blue to protect their jungler and give them a good leash. (little resistance at red)
  • If the enemy jungler is unaware you've taken his red, he'll waste time walking through his jungle
  • Moving as a 5 man group is safer than a few sparse guards near your own blue
When to Invade:
  • Invade when it's obvious the enemy jungler must start at blue or have his path sorely slowed, such as Amumu or Fiddlesticks
    • This method is much safer and easier than taking their blue, and slows them down as well
  • Invade when your jungler is more versatile than theirs, such as with Udyr, Mundo, Skarner, Lee Sin, and Shyvana
Tips when Invading:
  • If you have a Nidalee or Caitlyn on your team, grab boots and place a trap near your own red (preferably in a bush)
    • This gives you the possibility of knowing if the enemy takes your red in response.
    • Nidalee can place her trap directly in front of the lizard. If the lizard moves it'll give sight.
  • Even if the enemy jungler takes your red in response, it's simply an even trade.
  • Invading Blue side means the enemy AD + support may be pulling golems at 1:40, so be cautious not to be seen...or jump on them for first blood.
Countering an Invade:
  • Preemptively countering an invade with a 5 man team is MUCH WORSE than trying to invade with a 5 man team.
    • Most junglers benefit more from starting blue (so they have more levels + skills when ganking with red
Step 1: Knowledge that they've invaded
Since preemptively stopping an invasion is counter-productive if they don't invade, the first step in recovering from one is to know that they've done it. This is generally discovered by the Top solo (Purple side) or the Bot laners (Blue Side)

This bush is the safest one to stand in when keeping watch over enemy invasions. If you're Caitlyn, dropping a trap inside the circled bush should be enough to see any enemies coming.

Step 2 : Invade their red back, or group in the bush I'm standing in (above)
  • The safest way to counter such an invade is to head over to the enemy red and simply take theirs as retribution.
  • For those of you more zealous types, jumping on them as soon as they pull your red is also a viable alternative. 
    • If you're support, be sure to drop a ward in the circled bush as soon as your team engages.
Another reason to call for a Red Invade: Gathering your team to invade red sets a strong tone for the other team that says: 
"Our team is organized. Be afraid of our teamwork."
On the other hand, a successful response to a red invasion sets an equally powerful tone.
"Your teamwork is well noted. Ours is not lacking, let the games begin." 

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