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Mar 4, 2012

Fourth Poll Finished! Fifth Poll Up!

The results of the fourth poll have been tallied, and thank you to everyone who participated with a grand total of 2.6k voters! 

It appears Shaco has won his second poll in a row as the scariest ganker out there with Rammus coming in for a close second. Third place seems pretty tied, and surprisingly Udyr lost out to the new Nautilus!

76 of you voted for other, feel free to comment here about some other heroes you feel are the scariest in the comment section below!

A new poll will be up shortly, and thank you to everyone for voting!


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  1. I am definately more scared of getting ganked by a good ryze since he can burst you down quite quickly in the early game as well as root you while he gets into position. On top of this, if he does kill you when he comes back you will die even faster.

  2. its bullshit that shaco is the scariest jungler maybe in low elo like 900 but if u watch 2k elo do u ever see a shaco playing?? everybody who's "GOOD" knows how to counter that clown, jarvan and maokai or nocturne are scary watch jarvan do his knockup and ulti no flash and u die like baws... nocturne ulti and fear?? maokai snare all more good then the shaco the jangle qeeun... u always hear him putting those boxes..


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