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Mar 13, 2012

Dyrus joining TSM, TRM Getting Replaced

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If you enlarge this screenshot from Dyrus' stream below in Chrome (Firefox has some kinks, sorry about that) you'll see the following message:
Marcus: uhh I will be resigning from EG to join TSM? i dunno
Alex Chu: rofl. no like what you think about it silly.
Brian "TheOddOne" Wyllie: We are really sad to see him go, we wish him luck in the future. However, we're really excited to have dyrus on the team as we feel he'll be a worthy replacement. etc.
Marcus: I didn't want it to end up like this but this is a chance I can't pass by. I will be leaving Epikgamer to join Team Solomid in their journey on the path of baylife.
I guess that'll do.
dunno wat to say other than im sad it turned out this way
but happy I have a chance to join a serious team.

Xpecial has also just posted up this post on the TSM website, which confirms the change.

Seems like this change has been a long time coming, and while TheRainMan is no longer a part of TSM, I'll definitely be swinging by his stream once in a while to watch his outrageous caps lock spamming raging.


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