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Mar 16, 2012

Dan Dinh Leaves Epik Gaming, Westrice Explains Situation

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Recently, both Dyrus and Dan Dinh left Epik Gaming. However, the team itself remains intact with Westrice, Salce, and Nhat Nguyen still in action. Westrice has the following to say about the situation:

I think this is a good thing for Epik because it opens up a lot of options. ClakeyD and Lapakaa are both very good junglers, and either of them in Dan's place would be a huge contribution to the team because maybe then we can control our jungle. Dan is a great guy, but our team decided it wasn't best for him to be the jungler (as it is one of the most important roles in the game) and putting him on AD wasn't the best choice either. We're also trying out WingsofDeathx for top lane, and Dontmashme and Kenikth for the AD role. Even with Dyrus and Dan gone  It feels like we still have a lot coming for Epik. I am very confident with what lies ahead for us. And we're not taking Aphromoo from v8, that screenshot you linked was a misunderstanding because someone said he wasn't in a team anymore but apparently I was wrong. Thats not like us  
Salce, being one of the best AP carries I've come to know, respectively agreed with the decisions we made for the team and will stick with us to the end. So big thanks! 
Nhat Nguyen, being one of the best supports I've come to know as well, helped the team from the moment he joined till the departure of Dyrus and Dan. Thanks for sticking around and helping us around with the team. 
Callipygous, our team manager, turned down many job offers from many teams, including CLG. He stuck with us to the end and we are extremely grateful. With him, we can finally get a website for Epik going (which most of you people were waiting so long for). Cal has always been here to cheer us on, so without him there will most likely be no EG. Cheers! 
Dyrus and Dan are probably off in a better place, and I'm just not saying that. I mean they are actually in a better place. Dyrus fits in TSM, he even lives in their house! Dan can focus on shoutcasting, play the game casually, and continue managing Solomid. It is mutually beneficial for us all. When we declare our official lineup, we will be taking the game a lot more serious than we ever have. 
Cheers, And I'll keep you guys posted.
Found here on the NA forums.

Maybe this means next time Westrice will remember to install League of Legends on his computer for important tournaments.
Actions speak louder than words

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