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Feb 27, 2012

Zileas Explains Riot Team Plans for Crushing ELO Hell

For those of you suffering with ELO Hell, salvation may be imminent! In a recent Riot post by Zileas, this red outlined their observations on ELO Hell, what causes it, and some possibly remedies they've thought out. Check it out below!
Light at the end of the tunnel!

"How can we reduce the amount of random variance that makes it harder for people to reach their rating?"
  • People with inexperience around champions causes random variance in game results (the "Free champion" problem, but more generally, the problem that players are pro with some champions and not others)
  • Mis-calibrated blue/purple team elo offset which weakly favors or disfavors one color all of the time (we tuned it a while back, but it might have drifted slightly)
  • Inevitable poor team comps
  • Leavers, AFKers and trolls
  • Premades of a new ranked player and an experienced one
  • Inexperience can be nudged by putting requirements around your ranked choices (no free to play or other ones)
  • Blue/purple team offset is just a number.
  • Poor team comps are harder to deal with, but somewhat come back to poor player behavior. We might also find out that some players make better team leaders/first pick guys than others. 
  • Leavers/AFKers and Trolls are relatively rare in ranked actually, but we have a parallel player behavior effort that should reduce the occurrence of them.
  • Premades of a new ranked player and an inexperienced one can be resolved by isolating those groups to their own island and/or adding conditions to who you can/cannot premake with.
  • Lots of things we can do, and we are confident if they are well-justified to the goal of reducing 'elo-hell' like issues (which are pretty much 'stuff that makes matches more random other than my skill), you guys will be OK with additional restrictions on how ranked is played.
Zileas, Design Director 

Hopefully Riot's changes make a notable difference for those of you stuck in ELO Hell!

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