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Feb 21, 2012

Titans of the Nautilus Patch: Shen + Nauti-San

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In the official Nautilus Patch Notes we saw a couple buffs to several heroes, such as to Alistar and Warwick. While these were minor quality-of-life changes that led to increased play, they were nothing like the massive Hyperbolic Time Chamber power boost that Shen stepped out glowing with.

Hyperbolic Time Chamber (DBZ):
One year inside the chamber is one day on the outside.

More Information on irrelevant Anime reference here
With a boost to every-single-move that he has, Shen's essentially soared from being unplayed right back up to the top of the ban list almost as often as he was before his nerfs.

Not only that, but he's now a top level hero in almost every role except as an AD carry. Top Solo Shen, Support Shen, Jungle Shen, and Solo Mid Shen (proven by Chauster) are exceedingly strong it all respects.

In fact, it's Shen is so powerful that the last State of the League episode was titled "Shen is Terrifying" after Doublelift and Chauster ranted for a good minute and a half about how game-breakingly ridiculous Shen is right now.

According to several sources, there are already nerfs lined up for him on the PBE, but for now it seems like 6 bans certainly won't be enough for us middle of the line ranked players...certainly not if people start mastering the skills of this next behemoth:


Despite his dorky looking splash arts, this chubby menace is an absolute terror both in lane and in the jungle...particularly in the jungle. His laning and last hitting abilities are good enough for him to be a presence both top and mid, and with the combination of:

  1. His passive stun
  2. His Hook that latches onto heroes, creeps, and enemies
  3. His AOE slow
  4. His Maokai-esque unstoppable knock-up
His ganking abilities from the jungle are absolutely brutal. His lane ganks are also exceedingly strong as a result of his powerful gap closers and ultimate that ensure the target will be CC'ed long enough to kill them.

Even if he "misses" his hook, he'll still close the gap. Quite strong if I do say so myself.

What are your thoughts on these two? Post below!

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