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Feb 25, 2012

How to Win Dominion Games + How Point Scoring Works

This guide is meant to give you a very simplistic overview on how to win Dominion games. Many people join the game as a casual endeavor and don't really understand how the point system works. Well today I'll be explaining it!

500-500 Scoring
Each team starts with 500 points of "life". The team that controls the least number of bases will start losing "life". For example, if one team "controls" 3 and one team controls 2, the team with 2 will start losing points.

If one team has 4 bases and one has 1, the team with 1 base will lose at a faster rate.

This means if you want to win the game, controlling at least 3 bases is CRUCIAL to your success.

Which Bases Should we Control?
Take a look at this map. if you notice, the one base at the top of the map is right in the middle, no closer to one side than the other. This means that if your team can control this position, it's much easier to retain 3 bases (with the two on your side) than any combination of 3 at other points.

If you control the windmill the entire game your team WILL PROBABLY WIN the game.

Neutralizing the other two bases aids in your conquest to win, but trying to defend those two bases will most likely end up in several of your heroes dying and losing both that base and windmill as well.

What is the Most Important Role?
Since the windmill is the most important base, you'll want to send 4 people top to defend it. However, I personally think Bot Lane is the most important. By playing bot lane, your main goals are to keep your lane pushed all the way to the enemy's next base and stay alive.

If you're playing Bot lane, you won't get as many kills as everyone else or even as many ending points, but you'll be able to make the most difference. If you can push your bot lane in and maybe even neutralize your enemy base, you'll force at least one other person to come bot. 

This means that Windmill will be a 4v3 battle, which will give your team the advantage. If you can keep the other team from capping their base back it'll end up a 3v1 base control, which means that your team will win even faster.

It's definitely not as "fun" as running around and killing heroes, but it's by far the most influential.

What to Do If Bot Lane is Failing?
If your bot lane is failing it will put a ton of pressure on your windmill defenders. Most likely you'll have to send someone who deals the opposite type of damage bot to help fight if the enemy Bot is a tanky dps.

If the enemy bot is a hero killer, send someone with CC to help kill him. Be sure to get back up top as soon as possible though. Remember, your goal is controlling 3 bases, hopefully the easiest three bases to defend. WINDMILL FTW

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