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Feb 15, 2012

Gold VS Health + Armor Runes for Support

Good morning summoners! It's been a while since I've written on something other than news since I've been swamped with work, but I'll try and plug in some helpful articles when I can!
Today's article (as you might ascertain from the title) is involved with choosing between:

QuintessencesGreater Quintessence of Avarice (+1 gold/10 sec) vs Greater Quintessence of Fortitude (26 health) vs Greater Quintessence of Swiftness (1.5% movespeed)

Seals: Greater Seal of Resiliance (1.41 armor) vs Greater Seal of Avarice (+.25 gold/10 sec)

There are three different ways you can play support:
  1. Passively supporting (most boring, least impact on the lane and the game, but safest)
  2. Zoning/Poking (Fun, slightly dangerous, requires skill and timing)
  3. Kill lane (Fun, very dependent on your laning partner, slightly dangerous)
Which Runes to Use?
Flat Armor + Flat Health
  • Clearly the safest since it makes you the most tanky out of all the rune combinations. 
  • Best when you're planning on poking and possibly killing
Avarice Runes
  • Best for passively supporting or if you're super confident.
  • Dying ONCE gives the enemy 300 gold, which at 5.3 gold/10 sec (full set of the avarice runes) equals 9 min and 24 sec worth of gold.
  • This isn't even including the 175 from assist, which means your death is worth almost 15 minutes of gold from your rune generation.
  • In comparison, your base passive gold generation is 13 gold/10 sec + 2g/10 sec from masteries.
Speed Quints
  • Mostly for Alistar/Taric kill lanes
I've been running mostly gold runes in solo queue, but I think I'll switch over to the armor/health to get some early game advantages.

What do you guys run differently?

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  1. An early game advantage, especially in solo queue, cam be extremely detrimental to the enemy's play. Not only do you get the gold for the kill/assist, you get to farm and level ahead, or Recall and come back full health and mana for another go.

    Psychologically, this usually leads to them either being scared to engage, or struggle to try and "make up" for lost time.

    Using this, I usually take an aggressive support, such as Sona or Alistar, or try for a kill lane.

  2. I've seen from various high Elo support players that running health and more armor is advantageous im solo queue. But when it comes to tourney play they tend to be much more passive with how they play and therefore run the avarices for a mid/late game advantage. I'd agree with trying the tanker rune set that allows you to man up and give your AD carry an easy win.

  3. No idea why get's Avarice runes. Come on, 80AP/18 level is much better on Soraka - more heal

  4. For my yellows and blues I use flat mp5. I have severe mana issues on my supports, and starting with that extra 7 mana regen is amazing. Scaling mana regen is worthless on support considering they don't hit 18 until like 45 minutes.

  5. I think the only support I've really had a mana problem is on Sona if my AD carry decides to trade hits all day. I used to run MP5 + Mag Pen on her, but without the armor heroes like Sivir and Vayne can really burst you down instantly :-/

  6. I'm a support player at 1650 elo. I've ran health and movement quints before gold quints. I can honestly say that the gold quints are a huge help. It lets you get that philo stone earlier or some extra wards on your first trip back. If the enemy supports know what they're doing, you're not going to get many kills in a kill lane. Gold runes help you all through out the game too. I usually end up with more gold than most of the enemy team if we win.

  7. Well if your team wins you'll most likely have dragon/baron gold, which accounts for a large portion of a support's income.

    What's your take on the gold seals ?

  8. I run gold seals/quints, armor reds, and cd reduct blues. In my games, dragon is never taken frequently. Unless the game is a total curb stomp, both teams have control over it. Most of my gold comes from assists and runes.

    The gold seals and quints give you a free 5 gold per 10 item. This is a huge advantage over the other support if they're not running gold runes. It means more wards and pinks for your lane, which ultimately helps give map control and free farm for your ad carry.

    You should be able to harass fine without health or armor quints. Ap runes are useless because supports usually have horrible scaling. Knowing the range of your auto attacks and darting in and out of bush gives you enough safety and defense honestly.

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