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Feb 13, 2012

Future Viktor Changes

Most people think Viktor's current upgrades to his Hex Cores are a little subpar and boring at best...Riot also agrees. In a recent Riot post, Q/A Analyst Statikk explained how Viktor's future Hex Core upgrades will be "super epic" and "character defining" if everything goes right.
Agreed, Viktor's Hex Core upgrades should feel super epic and character defining within each individual game. Each upgrade should provide a very unique flavor of Viktor and should really make him excel in a specific direction. Right now, I feel no matter which way Viktor upgrades, he still feels too relatively the same. 
This is definitely the one aspect of Viktor we want to vastly improve when we get a chance to work on him. It's unfortunate the last pass on him was mainly focused on just getting usability tweaks out of the way, but this is definitely the next goal.
Statikk Original Post
We were just talking to Ziegler (Viktor's creator) about this last week. We want to experiment with some tier 3 augments internally when we get a chance.
 - Geeves, Game Designer Original Post


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  1. I'm glad they will do so. Currently it's more of a gimmick, that harms his late game.

    Being completely honest, I want to see something like: 3 levels of upgrades, that would make chosen skill more iconic, both in power and visual design.

    Currently it doesn't leave "it's gonna be awesome" feeling as it should.

    I wouldn't even mind if they nerfed the hell out of his ulti to compensate increased power.

  2. There Should be an augment for his ultimate


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