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Feb 1, 2012

First Impressions of Ziggs

Today my friend graciously allowed me to play Ziggs on his computer since I'm low on IP and RP, and wow, I gotta say this hero is FUN.

High Skill Champion?
He is definitely NOT a high skill champion to play, despite Riot's saying. While he does have all AOE non-targeted nukes, the range on his skills are all massive and pretty much instantaneous. He's kind of like release Orianna in this regard.

Burst or Sustain?
I tried maxing bouncing bomb first and then the minefield, which worked pretty well. His skillset and long range seems to lend itself to heavy poking, which is why I decided to go WoTa + Rylai on him followed by deathcap for my first run around.

RoA + Deathcap along with 21-0-9 resolved all mana issues, but I felt a little weaker than usual with RoA.

I think that with his extreme range, 21-0-9, triple doran rings, and an early deathcap has been the most effective build so far.

Ultimate Usefulness
His ultimate is sheer awesomeness. The range is enough to blast bot lane from behind dragon or top lane from the middle side bush. This means that mid solo Ziggs is definitely the way to go. It's also pretty darn fast, and a single CC will be enough to guarantee a hit.

Usefulness of his W
Although it took a little while to get the hang of his W, I'd have to say that it's one of the stronger escape mechanisms. You can trigger it in pretty much the same amount of time as Janna's tornado, and if placed correctly it's really easy to get away from jungler ganks since it blasts you away and the jungler backwards.

Fitting Into the Current Meta
Ziggs definitely clears waves very fast and has the ability to clear wraith camps with one combo, but he's also very very mana hungry. I believe this means that more sustainable champions such as Sion, Cassiopeia, Morgana, and Ahri are still much stronger picks than Ziggs at the moment.

In terms of teamfights he has a similar skillset to Cassiopeia in terms of poke + AOE ability. However, lacking a hard CC, he'll be less useful in teamfights.

I'd say Ziggs is a viable hero from what I've seen of him, but I'll have to see how he does against the common FoTM AP mids. He has very short cooldowns, but doesn't quite have the 100 to 0 burst that we've come to know and love on our top AP carries.

Anybody else get the chance to try out Ziggs yet? What do you guys think of him? Comment Below!

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  1. not a high skill cap champion? please get your facts right and maybe PLAY the champion before you say such crap

  2. I think you're just bad, and clearly I've played the champion if you had the ability to read more than 2 sentences in a row :)


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