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Feb 19, 2012

Chaox Pokerfaces as He Gets Trolled by Eve

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So for those of you that missed it, Chaox was duo queuing with Xpecial this morning on his EUW account when out of left field, he got trolled by an intentionally feeding Eve. Now this by itself isn't much of a news flash, but how Chaox reacted to it was quite impressive.

Save for saying "Wow, haven't seen someone do this for a while", Chaox had no further rage to add for his viewers on stream (save for a bit of typing to someone off-screen).

Why Didn't He Rage?
Clearly, one of his main reasons for not reacting was so that other trolls might decide that it wasn't worth their time trolling him - no rise, no fun right?

On the other hand, it was pretty evident that he was upset from his stone-faced look and half-hearted CSing. Xpecial even left his computer and came back at level 1 when everyone else was level 5.

What Can We Learn?
Clearly even pros have their share of trolls, feeders, and definitely even more people they would consider "baddies".

But this is just a simple fact of solo queue.

When you get these types of people, no matter how often or how rare it is, the only thing you can do is accept your fate, move on, and/or salvage what you can from the situation, like Chaox did by killing two people with Godlike sprees.

Naturally, he ended up losing the game, but I think he handled the situation admirably. You could also tell he was even having a bit of fun when he killed those Godlike enemies with his level 1 Janna partner.

Getting trolled? Pokerface.

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  1. Saw this game. What was more impressive about it was that the Eve was actually making personal attacks at Chaox and TSM (e.g. you pros are nothing but drama, Chaox always thinks its all about himself, etc.) and taunting the stream (stream watchers can suck my ****, etc.).

    It was so bad, even the other team was upset, despite winning. If it was anyone else on the team besides Xpecial and Chaox, there would have been tons of raging. Even GBob and Fnatic don't have that much control.


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