Jan 27, 2012

Ziggs Patch Preview, Crit Mastery Removed, Lee Sin Nerf, Jax Buff


The Ziggs Patch Preview has been released! (Meaning Ziggs WILL be released this week, hooray!) It's featuring a Jax buff and a Lee Sin nerf as its major changes, but like always, we'll probably see some other changes when it actually goes live.

List of changes:
Critical Strike Mastery replaced by attack damage per level in the offense mastery tree
- Critical Strike in runes and items is going to stay

Jax Counterstrike (BUFF)
- Reduced AOE
- Allowed to stun on second activation
- Increasing Duration 2 seconds

Lee Sin (NERF):
- Gaining less attack speed from his passive
- Execute nerf (Reduced to 8% of target's missing health)

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