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Jan 27, 2012

Scarra Starting to Stream!

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Earlier today Scarra posted up the URL to his new stream at (

Scarra is the AP mid carry of Team Dignitas along with Voyboy, Imaqtpie, I Will Dominate, and L0cust.

He's a very vocal player, and by vocal I don't mean a big rager like HotshotGG or TheRainMan. He's actually a big talker and enjoys just rambling on and on about match-ups and what he thinks about current metagames. I'll definitely be interested in watching his stream in the future! So far he's been very active with chatting with his viewers and helpful in answering questions.

His stream is currently offline at the moment, but definitely keep a lookout for him (he's also a very good solo mid player along with being a chatter.)

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