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Jan 1, 2012 - Tracks Normal W/L Ratio for Everyone

Discovery is Fun!

December 26, 2012 Edit: has surpassed all statistic sites before it and firmly entrenched itself as the premier statistical gathering LoL website.

EDIT: As the anonymous comment points out, actually does the same thing the site I was originally talking about does, but has more relevant information. It's also a lot faster! It's a little more crowded feeling because of of the way they position their advertisements, but the speed and content more than make up for it.  I think this page is the most interesting! (It shows top win ratios for heroes in solo queue). Take the statistics with a grain of salt though, since it definitely doesn't literally include ALL the games that are played.

Thanks again for the heads up whoever you are! Love it when you guys comment :)

In this third post on interesting/relevant league of legends sites I'd like to introduce you to More sites can be found via the top navigation bar under Helpful Sites!

I'm not entirely sure how the coding works, but basically if you type in a summoner name it'll not only find you and display your recently played games (and the people you played with) along with a bunch of other interesting pieces of information that you can't find elsewhere, such as Win/Loss Ratios for other people in their unranked games (aka normal games). It's like, the ultimate league of legends stalking tool! (Not that I condone such behavior.)

The site also has statistics like, the most common champions picked in games over a time period, the most commonly bought items for each champion, and ratios for each of the champion's stats throughout all the different servers. (EU, NA, and Nordic East)

If you haven't checked it out yet, it's definitely worth an explore!

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  1. does something very similar--perhaps even better than this, since it goes a lot more in-depth.

  2. Oh cool! Nice find, you're right, this site you linked actually has better stats and is a lot faster too, thanks for the heads up :D

  3. Hey, glad you found my site! Sorry about all the ads, but hosting is costing me like $500/month :(

  4. Yowza, I guess storing that much data is expensive! Awesome work though, keep it up!

  5. It's not so much the data storage, that's pretty cheap. But constantly "crawling" summoners data from all 3 regions needs a fair bit of grunt to get done.

    I think I process about 240,000 summoners a day. The database atm is 130GB and holds ~13 million games.

  6. Anon delivers ;-) May start making more comments, as I only just found out about this site like 2 days ago

  7. I'm glad to have you join us Mr./Ms. Anon!

  8. does anyone know how many ranked games u need to win before it shows the Ranked win/loss stats?


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